Técnica de estabilización del tobillo asistida por artroscopia versus técnica totalmente artroscópica

This study demonstrated similar postop clinical outcomes in patients with chronic lateral ankle instability when treated by either percutaneous technique with arthroscopic assistance (arthroscopic Broström) or arthroscopic all-inside ligament repair. https://t.co/3XnwMgy0id pic.twitter.com/MOKZl4KqeR — AOFAS_Journals (@AOFAS_Journals) January 6, 2021

“Manejo integral del Esguince de Tobillo y sus complicaciones”

📲El próximo martes 21 de abril a las 18:00h tienes una nueva cita en el canal YouTube de @clinicacemtro: #webinar sobre el "Manejo integral del Esguince de Tobillo y sus complicaciones". Moderado por el @DrRamonNavarro y con los siguientes expertos participantes🙌👇 pic.twitter.com/SXsG1ZTMtI — ClinicaCEMTRO (@ClinicaCEMTRO) April 17, 2020

¿Los antibióticos están causando rupturas de tendones en los deportes?

https://simplifaster.com/articles/antibiotics-tendon-ruptures-athletes/ References 1. Manfulli, N., Sharma, P., and Luscombe, K.L. “Achilles tendinopathy: aetiology and management.” Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 2004; 97(10):472–476. 2. Garrick, J.G. and Requa, R.K. “The epidemiology of foot and ankle injuries in sport.” Clinical Sports Medicine. 1988; 7(1):29–36. 3. Yang, J., Hodax, J.D., Machan, J.T., et al. “Factors Affecting Return to Play … Leer más

Artritis bilateral en los tobillos.

A 70 y/o athletic male underwent bilateral triple arthrodeses years ago and now has bilateral ankle arthritis. His symptoms are debilitating and refractory to non-operative measures. Imaging shows marked deformity as well as cystic change. What would you do? #AdvancedFoot2020 pic.twitter.com/xZUIs1jLWZ — AOFAS (@AOFAS) February 17, 2020 https://www.aofas.org/ Copyright© 2018 All Rights Reserved