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Dolor de juanetes el día de la carrera / Bunion Pain on Race Day

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bunion Pain on Race Day

Photo Credit: Sura Nualpradid –

Called, “The best way to brighten your life,” the Color Me Rad 5K is coming to Houston, TX, and you will not want to miss out on this one. Runners start decked all in white, but as the race starts off with color bombs and cannons, you will immediately find yourself in a different world. Each section of the race explodes a new color so by the end, you will officially be speckled with every hue of the rainbow. While this may sound like a blast, bunion pain is one deterrent that may keep you out of the race.

Bunions are an extremely common deformity, but whether they are minor or severe, they can present problems for a runner. This condition is usually thought to occur from wearing ill-fitting shoes, but it actually stems from an inherited foot structure prone to developing bunions. Shoes can simply add to the problem and make the bony bump appear quicker and worsen faster.

Unfortunately, it is not a simple process to just get rid of a bunion. If you love to run, there are few things you can do, though, to manage bunion pain or prevent it from occurring in the first place. One option is taping your big toe and foot in a normal position before putting your shoes on. This can help your feet properly absorb the impact each time they strike the ground. Second, special padding provided by a podiatrist placed over the bony bump will protect it from rubbing against the inside of your shoes. Third, your shoe choice is essential – look for a neutral shoe with a wide toe box and consider adding a custom orthotic.