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Houston Foot Specialists: Improving Your Foot Arch

Houston Foot Specialists: Improving Your Foot Arch: (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) As your foot hits the ground, it works with the rest of the body to absorb a great amount of stress. A foot w…

Houston Foot Specialists

Dr. Jeffrey N Bowman is the Podiatrist for Houston Foot Specialists. As a podiatric physician, Dr. Bowman is well known for his skills as a surgeon in foot and ankle surgeries and has been awarded many honors for his work in the podiatric field.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Improving Your Foot Arch

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As your foot hits the ground, it works with the rest of the body to absorb a great amount of stress. A foot with a normal structure is stable but flexible, in order to withstand the demands put on it every day. When the structure is slightly altered, such as the case with a flat foot, the foot may not be able to function as it should and pain could result.

At Houston Foot Specialists, we see and treat all kinds of feet and foot problems. A flat foot is extremely common and is simply when the arch of the foot has flattened, either from development in childhood or over time from aging. You will know that your foot is flat if you stand up and the entire sole of your foot touches the floor. This type of foot can lead to overpronation (when feet and ankles roll inward), heel spurs, shin splints and stress fractures.

If you have a flat arch, improve the health of your foot by doing exercises that strengthen it. You won’t be able to create an arch again, but you can give your foot a fighting chance against injury. Stretching the Achilles tendon can improve a flattened arch. Do this with calf stretches, by leaning forward against a wall with one leg bent forward. Boost the amount of walking you do each week, and if you can head to the beach and walk barefoot, that is even better. Strengthening your toes helps the arch as well. You can do this by sitting in a chair with a towel laid out on the floor under your feet. Use your toes to scrunch the towel towards you – easy enough right? Lastly, a custom orthotic will greatly help protect the health of your feet as you seek to build up your arches.

If you are concerned about your foot health, or if you have pain throughout the day, during exercise, or while wearing shoes because of having flat feet, please call Dr. Jeff Bowman for an evaluation. Early intervention goes a long way in keeping you free of foot pain in the long run! Make an appointment at our office in Houston, TX by calling (713) 467-8886.

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