Lesiones en el tobillo y marcha

Ankle Injuries and Gait


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Courtesy: Courtesy: Mary Lloyd Ireland M.D. Associate Professor University of Ketucky Lexington, KY, USA




Publicado el 13 feb. 2016

Mary Lloyd Ireland M.D.
Lower Extremity Ankle

:11 Anatomy
1:40 Physical Exam MOI
4:19 Epidemiology
5:13 Later Ankle and Stability Chronic Physical Exam
7:55 TibFib High Ankle Sprain Physical Exam
10:24 Fracture, Maisonneuve
13:39 Ankle Sprain Treatment
15:01 Can we prevent ankle Sprain
17:19 Superficial Peroneal Nerve
18:50 Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability EUA surgical treatment
20:14 Lateral Ankle Pain Differential Diagnosis
21:19 Foot Exam Subtalar Joint Navicular
22:19 Ossicles of the foot
22:56 Os vesalianum
23:40 Os peroneum
22:48 Peroneal Tendon
25:20 Peroneal Tendon Instability case
26:26 Peroneus Longus Tendon Tear MRI
27:00 Acute Ankle Sprain Osteochondral Fracture Talus. Xrays, Surgical Treatment
29:10 Lateral Talar dome fracture Bone Edema
30:15 Chronic Talar Dome Fracture
30:35 Osteochondral Talar Lesions OCD
31:43 Acute Talar Dislocation Initial Exam Reduction Technique

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